How old do you have to be to drive a SeaDoo?  Our age limit to drive is 18 years old and 25 years old to rent.

How much is the damage deposit?  $500 which is fully refundable, provided you bring the SeaDoo back in the same condition that you rented it.

Do lifejackets come with the rental?  Yes, most certainly for your safety!  Bright orange ones, NOT!  Actually, check your own lifejackets to make sure they are U.S. Coast Guard approved.  Ours are!

How many gallons does the gas tank hold?  15 gallons to be exact.  

How much fuel does the SeaDoo go through?  Normal usage can use a full tank in about 5 hours, otherwise, full throttle can use the tank in about 3 hours.

How fast does the SeaDoo go?  The SeaDoo can do about 46 mph.  Yes, it does have the governor programmed into the lanyard.  

Can the SeaDoo be towed behind the houseboat?  No, no towing in fear of flooding and totaling the SeaDoo.  My theory is……you pay a lot of money, please ride it and have fun.  Be Safe.